Dog Sled Man


For many years we have been offering a program called “Sled dog School” however, even though there has been a lot of interest, because it is an activity which is run directly by the instructor Fabrizio Lovati who is not always available because of race commitments, only a few have been able to take individual lessons.

So we decided to modify the original program, allowing participants to take part in a medium to long distance race or an amateur trail without actually owning their own dogs.

One can only imagine how much time and money it takes a musher to create a team of dogs, training them and trying out new equipment each year! For the lucky few, Fabrizio Lovati, three time winner of the Iditarod Finisher, will be able to guide and follow through the seasonal programs, helping participants to complete a wide range of activities: Italian championship mid-distance races, amateur crossings, French championship mid-distance races, Norway, Finland, you could even take part in the IDITAROD!